Penguin Palooza Slots

Penguin Palooza Slots is a fan favorite title by Realtime Gaming released in Summer of 2022! With an RTP of 96% and somewhat high volatility, players can expect massive rewards with a maximum jackpot of up to 50,000x a single bet! Penguin Palooza Slots is available to play at most of the popular online casinos including and!

Players can hop in risk and registration free to start playing Penguin Palooza Slots on their choice of platform! RTG optimizes their games for both mobile and desktop with no ad viewing or downloads required! Penguin Palooza Slots provides players with an easy to master game with a limited set of icons to mix and match for rewards. Included in this Winter Wonderland are standard face symbols on poker cards, penguins of all color variants, Igloos, and of course the Penguin Locking Scatter Symbol!

Finding the right types of Penguin Scatters can result in bonuses like respins to stack match winnings and bonuses. Enough igloos will also provide players free spins, and matching the character penguins in games will result in a ton of net winnings anywhere from 150x to 1,000x a single wager! Finding the right blend of scatters, penguin symbols and bonuses with their respins can land players the massive jackpot of 50,000x a single bet!

Astronomical winnings are not out of reach with Penguin Palooza Slots, in fact the return to player for the dynamic and high variance prizes is respectable. Players can expect solid rewards on each play, and maximum bets of up to 6.25 credits will net anywhere from 25x to 100x a wager when matching basic face symbols and penguins. There are 25 paylines for players to match and win from, so the fun and rewards are seemingly endless in Penguin Palooza Slots!

For more clarity on the Igloo free spins and respins, players will match 3 of a kind or better and earn up to 2x or 5x a wager on each spin! These are bonus spins for the most part so anything earned is instant ROI for the player! Anyone can hop in today and experience all the holiday fun that Penguin Palooza Slots has to offer! RTG has created a fantastically rewarding game with a ton of Winter appeal!

Hop in risk and registration free today and try the free play mode which RTG enthusiastically incorporated into all their titles! With the same mechanics as the real game, and over 1,000 free credits to wager with worry free, there's no reason not to hop in and see what all the fuss is about!