Khrysos Gold Slots

Khrysos Gold Slots

Khrysos Gold Slots is a Realtime Gaming classic based in a time of ancient heroes. Available at most popular online casinos worldwide, players will find the 96.6% RTP and medium volatility quite nice to deal with. Massive rewards like the 50,000x jackpot are tucked throughout the gilded reel, and players will be inundated with character symbols, morphing wilds, and slippery wilds all worth more than the next!

Each symbol is as well drawn and fun to match as the next. Players will find themselves in a world of dragons, cyclops, soldiers of ancient armies, and Khyrsos himself! A wide array of scatters and coin bonuses exist in game, and they each provide free spin and jackpot bonuses respectively. Players can match winning combinations of these symbols on 20 paylines, while the grid itself is a standard 5x3 grid with a multitude of ways to match and win!

Players will have a wide array of scatters and slippery wilds to match from, but the progressive jackpots are also something to keep a keen eye on. Each jackpot proposes an amount greater than the previous, and landing these jackpots is based on cumulative wins and bonuses accrued in game. All bonuses and multipliers can lead to the mega jackpot of up to 50,000x a single wager, and that is life changing to say the least!

Khrysos Gold Slots offers the best in RTG gameplay and aesthetic. There is a blistering soundscape in which each spin of the reel sounds like ancient swords and shields clanking together in war. The fierceness of Khrysos Gold Slots along with RTG's attention to detail make it one of the more finely crafted slots titles of this generation. Finding dragons and cyclops has never been more fun or rewarding until now!

Based in the mythos of popular Ancient cultures such as Greece and Rome, Khrysos Gold Slots does a great job at conveying a truly epic time in history all the while creating relevant and rewarding symbolism throughout. There is a max bet of 5 credits allowed in Khrysos Gold Slots which makes it a fantastic introductory slots title as well. As RTG does with all of its standout titles, they've input a free play demo mode stuffed with 1,000 credits at the players' disposal. Try Khrysos Gold Slots at most popular online casinos whether it be on mobile or desktop. The game is well optimized for both and will reward those that truly seek what exists in the world of Khrysos Gold Slots!