Copy Cat Fortune Slots

Copy Cat Fortune Slots is Realtime Gaming's highly volatile yet highly rewarding neon lit masterpiece! This 2022 release offers an RTP of 96.76% and playability at all the biggest online gaming casinos! Copy Cat Fortune Slots is stuffed full of surprises including mystery stacks, free spins, the Reel Copy feature and Super free spins just to name a few!

RTG has created an easy to learn yet hard to master game which pits players against a wide variety of emblems to mix and match from. Rewards vary from symbol to symbol but each can be matched as 3 of a kind, 4 of a kind and of course the maximum goal of 5 of a kind! Players will seek the 10 through Ace face card symbols, balls of wool, milk cartons, mice, parrots, fish, and of course the Wilds and Scatter bonuses!

All the in game symbols are relevant to the Copy Cat Fortune theme, and collecting cute kittens and balls of wool has never been more fun! Each symbol is worth more than the next, and matching emblems up to 5 of a kind will upgrade the prize they give. For example, matching 3 balls of wool will provide players will a bonus of 10x their wager, 4 of a kind provides 25x a single wager, and 5 of a kind provides a serious bonus of 75x the player bet!

Besides parrots and fish, players will truly seek the Wilds of the game. These are the most worthwhile symbols to match, and one can earn up to 400x their bet when discovering 5 of a kind! Finding scatters in varying degrees will also provide rewards in the value of free spins. Super and Mega free spins are based on conditions when players earn more than 30 free spins. Super and Mega free spins will multiply fractions of already earned free spins to create super multipliers!

Copy Cat Fortune Slots is a fan friendly and very engaging game that can kill hours up hours on end. Players will find 1,000 credits to have fun with risk and registration free at Realtime Gaming's personal site or any popular online casinos like This is a very fun game with a cartoony art style that offers the best in slots rewards. This is a newer title which has become popular quite quickly. Whether it's the rewarding Super free spins or just the gameplay itself, there's no reason not to hop in and try Copy Cat Fortune Slots today!